arcsynthesis tutorials deleted?

Started by navySV, February 04, 2016, 16:20:31

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Many people have been highly recommending the lwjgl tutorials at, but that link has been broken for a while now and no new link seems to be available (by my quick search of the 'Net). 

Does anyone know if these tutorials still exist somewhere?


For some time the arcsynthesis webpage seems to be down.
But you can download the tutorial on In the archive you can find the tutorial as a PDF file.

There is also, but I'm not sure if that is the newest version of the tutorial.


Thank you, this is precisely what I was hoping the tutorial would be.  The author (Jason L. McKesson) even included the main tutorial document in HTML, PDF, and Kindle-ized PDF (resized everything for the smaller screen display so the good stuff would not be cut-off) formats.  Impressive.


Also check out the port of the tutorial code to LWJGL by @Ra4king:

That's probably with LWJGL2 so the window/context handling stuff will be off but the difference between C and Java OpenGL calls are there.