Memory & Reflection Game on Android - [MEMO LOGIC]

Started by lwjuggler, March 14, 2015, 15:27:38

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Hello world !
The Ã,« Beginning Ã,» team presents you a project in alpha relase.
It is a game based on memory and logic in a neo-retro style.

- Name : Memo Logic
- Platform : Android
- Genre : Reflexion
- Principle : CPU plays a simple sequence of tile on 4x4 grid, then you must replay it without mistake, the sequences become progressively more complex. And there are direfferent themas for different logics.

Some screenshots

The websiteââ,¬â,,¢s URL :

Two game modes
- Infinite : Replay without mistake the sequence proposed by CPU. If you succeed, CPU propose you another one more difficult and so on.
- Quest : Each level has its own logic. You must finish a thema in order to unlock the next one and discover where your logic will lead you.

How to test ?
- You have to be a beta-tester browsing this link!forum/memologic
- If you are already connected with your google account, click on "Subscribe to this group"
- Else click on "Apply for membership"
- We'll send you an e-mail, you'll have to read it and validate it in order to receive your request
- After we validate your request, we'll send you a notification e-mail.
- You could then click on the link below to download the game :

We need you !
- Don't hesitate reporting any bugs
- Write us reviews, they will e precious !
- You can ask around you to make the game to gathe helpful reviews.
- If you find the game fun, you can talk about it around you :-)

The team
- We are a little team of independants composed of 4 persons, we developped many other games last which are snug in their egg for the moment.
- A programmer, a graphist, a sound designer, a beta tester

We hope you'll have fun !!!

Team Begginning