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LWJGL symbol lookup error "undefined symbol: JAWT_GetAWT" (Debian GNU/Linux)

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I've been trying to get started programming LWJGL, so I downloaded it from the Debian Repos (which gives me LWJGL 2.7.1) and I've been trying to run the WindowCreationTest found in the Wiki, but I get the following error:

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java: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/jni/liblwjgl.so: undefined symbol: JAWT_GetAWT
I found a link that said something about this at https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=111882, but I don't get how I'm supposed to fix this linking issue (by the way, I don't like using big IDEs like Eclipse or Netbeans, I prefer to use the command line). Does anyone know how I could fix this issue?




I highly recommend you use LWJGL 3 from the LWJGL download page. No need for dpkg or apt.
That LWJGL download contains natives for all supported OS'es including of course Debian Linux x86 and x64.

So, your steps are:
- wget http://build.lwjgl.org/nightly/lwjgl.zip
- unzip lwjgl.zip
- start your Java application with the JVM arguments -cp <unzippedlwjglzip>/jar/lwjgl.jar -Dorg.lwjgl.librarypath=<unzippedlwjglzip>/native

EDIT: oh, and before doing that, better purge any package install of lwjgl so that old natives do not pollute the library search path of ld.
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