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Solved. Getting translation from Matrix4f

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Solved. Getting translation from Matrix4f
« on: March 01, 2015, 15:20:41 »
Edit: Nvm, this because I think the issue is a deeper one then this question can answer. sorry.

I'm using the 2.9.3 LWJGL. I'm trying to draw lines between joints in my skeletal animation data so I figured I could just get m.30, m.31 and m.32 for x, y and z but the results aren't what I'd expect.

The red cubes are placed using the joint matrices which are in the right positions.

The red lines should be lined up with the squares. I get the vertices by using the same joint matrices m.30, m.31 and m.32. Any idea what might cause this issue?
Code: [Select]
public float[] getJointPositions()
float[] verts = new float[joints.size()*6];

int count = 0;
for(int i = 0; i < joints.size(); i++)
verts[count] = joints.get(i).worldMatrix.m30;
verts[count+1] = joints.get(i).worldMatrix.m31;
verts[count+2] = joints.get(i).worldMatrix.m32;
verts[count+3] = joints.get(joints.get(i).parentIndex).worldMatrix.m30;
verts[count+4] = joints.get(joints.get(i).parentIndex).worldMatrix.m31;
verts[count+5] = joints.get(joints.get(i).parentIndex).worldMatrix.m32;
return verts;

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