Identifying Double Click

Started by atc1992andy, February 11, 2015, 18:37:10

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I knew that LWJGL doesnt have native double click event
And i can only found one post is referring double click on google.
It suggest to use System.currentTimeMillis() to record the time of first click and if the second click is <200ms then its a double click.

However, i had tried which was not successful.

Problems happen is, if the first click was not double click, since i have kept the first click so it was eliminated.
Then i tired to add a thread but turn out the single click was not function welly, since i have different operation for single click and holding left click.

Is there any other ways to do, or anyone have other suggestion?

Thx a lot


I think that may be too fast. Try increasing it to maybe 350 ms.