Calling Display.destroy() times out the gfx driver

Started by Mickelukas, February 01, 2015, 22:45:10

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Sometimes when I call Display.destroy() it takes more than 2 seconds before it returns, causing the graphics card driver to time out. What is the destroy function doing that could cause that, and is it a bug or is there a way I can work around it?



Try using LWJGL3, I think GLFW is more consistent in how it handles the window creation / removal. With out more details its very hard to comment on your specific issue.

The code is on github

Go take a look and see if you can debug where in the code the issue could occur. You will probably need to look at the OS specific code and see what calls are made.


I'll add the source of LWJGL and see if I can see what takes so long.

If anyone experienced the same and worked around it I'd be happy to hear about it :)

I will switch to LWJGL3 somewhere down the line, but I wasn't planning on doing it for another couple of months.