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Started by Damian3395, January 11, 2015, 15:42:33

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I have been looking around for some new tutorial links for lwjgl3 because I just started learning lwjgl2. I have so far learned how to create multiple windows, use window hints, and use callback inputs. I tried using the old methods for rendering, such as the tutorial from the wiki page (, but I get an exception. I would really like to know the more modern methods though, such as VBO, VAO, and shaders.



SHC (also on this forum) has a good tutorial series about modern OpenGL using LWJGL 3:

A few good reads (among others, just search for "OpenGL whatyouwanttoknow tutorial"):

As an advice for learning OpenGL:
Do not get attached to LWJGL and try to find LWJGL-specific tutorials on the web when learning about OpenGL.
You won't find much.
Instead, stick to just "OpenGL" when you search for something (like "OpenGL shader tutorial") and then translate what you'll find to Java with LWJGL.

Once you have the basic mechanics of LWJGL and GLFW done, which even the "Get started" page on the LWJGL site teaches you how to do, then you can of course also use the LWJGL 2 tutorials on the LWJGL 2 Wiki site.