LWJGL starting points page/thread?

Started by Breakfast, June 12, 2003, 14:55:33

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Just a general thought, and entirely not because I'm just looking to experiment with the LWJGL, honest  guv ;), I reckon it would be useful to have a "how to get started" type thread just pointing out where the resources are for downloading the libraries and where I ... um... people  can find the best tutorials and relevant resources.  Most of this was around on the JGO forum previously, but if this is going to be the major site for LWJGL discussion then it might be a valuable asset, especially with the flux of visitors that the publicity round Alien Flux could potentially bring in.

I bet it's  here somewhere and I've just missed it, haven't I?


Indeed.  A "How-To" thread would be welcome (and make it sticky or whatever).  Answer questions like:
How do I install LWJGL? would be a great start.  You know, where to put the .dll's, how to set classpaths, etc.
Followed by something like
How do I get Eclipse/Textpad/Emacs/Etc working with LWJGL?
and maybe
Where can I go to get more information on OpenGL? with links to the Red and Blue books (get yourself a referral ID, Cas, maybe you can make a buck or two this way) on Amazon, not to mention the website stuff.
How do I start learning LWJGL? with pointers to Nehe and the LWJGL port site (btw, will they have to rewrite all of that when LWJGL changes again?)
and another good topic would be something about the ShavenPuppy libraries and their usage.

Just some ideas.
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