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Started by Yuri6037, November 25, 2013, 10:44:36

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I have done a pre public version of BrickBroken. BrickBroken is a break the brick game, witch functioning in multiplayer, has many features, all is in HD.

Here is a litle list of principal features :
- You can write some addons in lua and the game can read them,
- You can play multiplayer,
- You can create levels and propose to me,
- Textures in HD (Fonts too !)

Here is a normal list of texture sizes for the game :
128 * 128
256 * 256
512 * 512
1024 * 1024
or 64 * 64

Only the cursor and the app icon is respectively : 16 * 16 and 32 * 32...

Here is a link for watching when the game will be in download :

I know that it's not a good forum to promote games, but I have no choices... Can't register to Java-Gaming forums (Registration e-mail never comes up in Microsoft Outlook). So I went here for trying to promote my game...

Languages Section now,
As you now I'm french, so it's difficult for me to understand all you write...
However my BrickBroken website has a translation normaly, If not post here the problem...

The game, for his way is all in English so normal no problems. There is no one words in french in the Game App, Launcher App, Server App, Level Editor App.

If you got any translation problem please tell me here or in the BrickBroken website. I'm here to correct all possibly language bugs.... That's my first English application !

I will post here when the game will be in download...