Using externally created OpenGL in plugin environment

Started by Negatron99, October 20, 2013, 15:30:19

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I am trying to make a visualisation plugin for XBMC in jMonkeyEngine (jME).

jME uses Java and lwjgl

XBMC uses C++ and OpenGL.

XBMC has already initialised OpenGL before it calls the plugin.

I have managed to bridge the two using JNI. I have even found the "GLContext.loadOpenGLLibrary" and "GLContext.useContext" calls to initialise lwjgl and gen jME to start to initialise.

Now. When jME it calls Display.create, it creates a window.

I need to stop this from happening. I need to tell it to use the existing window/opengl context, whatever XBMC has set up and draw to that instead.

This is under Linux btw.