Problem with textures and glList

Started by @, October 07, 2013, 19:49:51

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Sorry to annoy you again, but problems arise again. I have a class that generate glList. The thing is, when i draw it, everything is cool. If i dare to draw it and then (or after) others textures:
-It draws other texture instead of its own list (along the rest of textures).
-Or (depending of the drawing order) other image is drawn with the texture used by inside glList.

It must have a reasonable explanation, just i cant find it. Here is the code i use to draw list:


First thing i do before rendering a thing is to start glBegin, that's why i have to end there. I also call glend wherever an image requieres a new texture binding. This is my code for rendering texture outside lists:

//Some definitions
//Coords and vertex, nothing more. Inside updateBinding and tinting:
//tinting. Only when a new color is required, i change this.
if(_lastColor.equals(color)) return;
final float[] c = colorToFloats(color);
glColor4f(c[0], c[1], c[2], c[3]);
_lastColor = color;

I made some experiments, and if a have more than one "normal" images on screen and a list, if i tint a normal texture the textures from the list are affected too.

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Remember that if you set a color or texture, it will remain set until you set another color or texture (or turn off texturing). Even through multiple frames.
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Yes, thanks for the reminder. I dont know what i did but i solved the problem. Heaven knows.