Collada Implementation

Started by jcrane164, October 05, 2013, 07:19:11

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What I have done and finished:
- Loaded all data for the model/skeleton/animation
- Rendered model
- Rendered skeleton
- Animated skeleton

I am currently having difficulties with the skinning process. I have been through numerous websites with collada tutorials on skinning. They all give around the same equation which is "((VERTEX * BINDSHAPEMATRIX) * INVERSEBINDPOSE * JOINTMATRIX) * JOINTWEIGHT". I have done that and messed with it a bit, the closest i get to the first frame of the animation is using "VERTEX * JOINTMATRIX". With all of the tutorials I have looked through I see C++ code and thats it. I am using Java with the LWJGL library which is primarily OpenGL. With that library you cant just multiply a vertex (Vector3f/3 Values) by a matrix (Matrix4f/4x4/16 values). I would have to put the vertex into a matrix and multiply the two matrixs using the matrix multiplication method supplied by LWJGL. However Im not sure if that would even provide the correct values.

Thank you for reading and I hope someone can help me out here. I REALLY want to use Collada and animate it. Im having a bit of problems as you can see.
If there is something you dont understand about my issue please just ask.

Picture below is using: VERTEX * JOINTMATRIX