Moon Fever

Started by mrgibson, September 06, 2013, 18:32:03

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Hi everyone, I am working on a game called Moon Fever. Developed in JAVA with LWJGL + JBOX2D. I made two engines (one that handle paradigms such as screens, widgets, events) and one network engine (100% UDP based on Quake netcode without the non-stop message spamming and using a 32bits field for ack confirmation history).

The game is not completed yet, but you could take a look on the development at:

The game is a space sandbox where you control spaceships made out of blocks and fight against starbases and other spaceships. The game will be more strategic than arcade, where you have time to plan your next moves.

I plan to release the game commercially (The client part), but the server, the spaceship editor, the AI code, mod SDK, network library and graphic library will be released with sources for free.


Look cool, but really if you want maximum exposure I advise you post this in the JGO forums. They have whole sub-forums for this kind of thing and have a lot more people going through there.