[Problem] Ray-Line Selection With Triangles

Started by Phyyl, March 12, 2013, 00:23:55

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Hi eveyone, I'm in great need of help here... I've been trying to make a selection system working with the camera and a normalized vector pointing in front of the camera... In other words, check if there's a collision with a triangle and a line. Unfortunatly, it doesn't work as good as I though and I'm having a hard time finding the errors/things I'm doing wrong!

What I'm seeing :

- It detects that I'm looking in the right direction, but only at a distance of approx. 1 from the plane.
- It only detects that I'm lloking in the right direction when I'm looking in between -45 and 45 degrees on the x axis (looking up/down)
- I never get the "collision" result...

Here's the bit of code where I check for a plane intersection with the line :
public final class Plane {
	// o = origin (camera/eye position)
	// n = normalized vector for the direction the player is looking to
	// p = plane point (in this case the A point of a triangle)
	// pn = plane normalized vector
	public static Vector3f intersect(Vector3f o, Vector3f n, Vector3f p, Vector3f pn) {
		//tests if the line is perpendicular to the plane
	    if ((n.x * pn.x + 
	    	 n.y * pn.y +
	    	 n.z * pn.z) != 0) {
	    	// calculate t for the plane+line intersection
	    	float t = (p.x*pn.x + 
	    			   p.y*pn.y + 
	    			   p.z*pn.z -
	    			   pn.x*pn.x - 
	    			   pn.y*o.y - 
	    			   pn.z*o.z) / (n.x*pn.x + 
	    					   		n.y*pn.y + 
	    	//tests if the line intersects IN FRONT of the player
	    	if (t > 0)
	    		//returns the position of the collision
	    		return new Vector3f(o.x + t*n.x,
	    				o.y + t*n.y,
	    				o.x + t*n.z);
	    		return null;
	    else {
	    	return null;

... And here's the part where I check if the point is in the triangle :

public class Triangle {
	public Vector3f a, b, c, n;
	public Triangle(Vector3f a, Vector3f b, Vector3f c, Vector3f n) {
		this.a = a;
		this.b = b;
		this.c = c;
		this.n = n;
	public boolean intersect(Vector3f p) {
        if (SameSide(p, a, b, c) && SameSide(p, a, b, c) && SameSide(p, a, b, c)) {
            Vector3f vc1 = new Vector3f();
            		Vector3f.cross(sub(a, B)/>, sub(a, c), vc1);
            if (Math.abs(Vector3f.dot(sub(a, p), vc1)) <= .01f)
                return true;
        return false;

    private boolean SameSide(Vector3f p1, Vector3f p2, Vector3f A, Vector3f B)/> {
        Vector3f cp1 = new Vector3f();
        		Vector3f.cross(sub(B, A), sub(p1, A), cp1);
        Vector3f cp2 = new Vector3f();
        		Vector3f.cross(sub(B, A), sub(p2, A), cp2);
        return Vector3f.dot(cp1, cp2) >= 0;

    private Vector3f sub(Vector3f a, Vector3f B)/> {
    	Vector3f result = new Vector3f();
    	Vector3f.sub(a, b, result);
    	return result;
    public void draw() {
    	glColor3f(1, 1, 1);
    	glNormal3f(n.x, n.y, n.z);
    	glVertex3f(a.x, a.y, a.z);
    	glVertex3f(b.x, b.y, b.z);
    	glVertex3f(c.x, c.y, c.z);

If anyone see what I'm doing wrong, please help!

Thank you so much!


// calculate t for the plane+line intersection
          float t = (p.x*pn.x +
                   p.y*pn.y +
                   p.z*pn.z -
                   pn.x*pn.x - //MISTAKE HERE
                   pn.y*o.y -
                   pn.z*o.z) / (n.x*pn.x +
                               n.y*pn.y +
On the 5th line (Where my helpful comment is), there is a mistake. You wrote "pn.x * pn.x", it should be "pn.x * o.x"
Also perhaps it's just you trying to find bugs, but you seem to be working out n dot pn twice. And your writing out the individual operations when you could just be using the dot method in Vector you use later on. Made it a bit of a pain to debug (probably for you too) and this is where you made the mistake. Methods exist for a reason. Encapsulation ftw.

Thanks for listening.