GameEngine Preview

Started by jmguillemette, January 24, 2013, 00:04:33

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Hi Everyone,

Thought i would share a quick video of my game engine code named "MocaFrap".
This is an engine im building to support a few small games i want to develop over the next year.

please feel free to provide any feedback on what you see.


You're planning a snooker game aren't you? :)

Well I don't think this is the place to post such a demo. Have you tried JGO's forum ?


thanks for the tip.. so should i isolate any game or technology demos to JGO vs posing here then ?
just a question of etiquette given that im new to this community.


To get more overall feedback JGO is the better place to post such videos. Pure technology demos will fit into both sites, but that´s just my opinion.