[RFE] lwjgl-debug in Maven central repo

Started by thogil, August 02, 2012, 13:15:49

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Please make lwjgl-debug available via maven. Being able to easily swap between the two would be very useful.


Sorry for chiming in so late.

As things are right now, I can't single-step through LWJGL code, or inspect locals.
I could download the debug jar and the sources and hook them up with the project, but that defeats the purpose of having a Maven artifact.

Solutions that I see:

1) Publish *-debug artifacts in parallel to the standard artifacts, as proposed above.
2) Publish the standard artifacts with debug symbols. Maven builds can use proguard-maven-plugin or equivalent to strip debug symbols from any jar.

Actually, solution 2 is "more Maven" from that I gather. Maven isn't built so much for switching dependencies between test and release, it's built for running additional steps during the release process.