In Development: Baneforge

Started by infernaltoast, December 14, 2012, 13:35:17

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I have been developing a multiplayer RPG game based on DnD for the past nine months.  At first, I developed the entire game in pure Java.  Then, six months ago, I realized that LWJGL could significantly improve the drawing efficiency.  I ported all of the rendering code to the latest release and it has been running wonderfully ever since.  I have already had fun beta testing Baneforge with my friend, a video of our gameplay is posted on  You can download the latest release there too.

Baneforge allows you to simulate a boardgame experience in which one player is the Game Master and the other players are Heroes.  Custom maps, abilities, items, and units are supported, along with re-texturing all of the in game graphics to your liking.

Here is a snapshot of a me testing a spellcast of Frost Shield. 


Looks nice! - But more of a "tool" than an actual game?
I recommend posting on for more game related comments!