404s in OpenGL Documentation? Better Options?

Started by Whitellama, October 20, 2012, 05:27:52

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I've been dipping me feet into LWJGL and OpenGL for just a day or two, now, and I'm finding it difficult to decipher the meaning of a lot of openGL methods without just shoving each that confuses me into google. The javadocs for LWJGL's openGL classes seems fairly minimal, lacking any sort of descriptions... so I went looking for some openGL docs, only to find these. In specific, I was looking for information on glOrtho (the method in GL11); plugging that into google does produce a link to the aforementioned openGL docs, but it leads to a 404. (Couldn't find any docs on openGL 1.1, either, so that's probably the issue).

I was wondering if any of the learned users around here know any good sources for documentation on openGL, or if you have any good suggestions for learning.


OpenGL is a mighty beast to tackle. You can't just google each function to figure out its function.

Here is a really good tutorial for learning OpenGL and here are the Java+LWJGL ports for that tutorial.


I've been doing the exact same thing, looking for info regarding glOrtho!