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OpenAL PC config Settings Problems

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OpenAL PC config Settings Problems
« on: September 14, 2012, 23:30:27 »
Hi and thanks for such a great lwjgl library.

I am new to lwjgl, trying to get audio to work.  I ported a program
I'm working on from joal, which simply plays 3D sounds here and there.
(Using the new 2.8.4)

I'm running into a couple pc config setting issues.

This is on Plantronics GameCon 780 7.1 surround sound headphones, running
on a p4p-800-vm, pentium 4 3gz, windows xp machine.

First, there are 4 Hardware Acceleration settings on "Sounds and Audio
Devices Properties".  Only "Basic" works.  "Standard" and "Full"
acceleration cause loud distorted weird sounds somewhat similar to
what they are supposed to sounds like, but a lot of additional loud
screeching noise.  Note that "Full" was the default before I even knew
it existed.

Second, under speaker settings, "7.1 home theater speakers" does not
work, but "7.1 wide configuration speakers" does.  The former produces
an error "AL lib: DSoundResetPlayback: Unknown system speaker config: 0x8".

These headphones and settings have worked on everything else, from Windows
player playing music, various popular online games old and new, as well
as joal.

So I'm hoping I'm simply missing some configuration code in my program

Thanks for any information,