OpenGL versions - I'm very confused with all them

Started by afonsolage, July 17, 2012, 16:53:34

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Greetings  ;D,

I'm starting with OpenGL developing and after many search I found that LWJGL is the best option for me. I have experience in game programming but using high-end engines, and now I want to do all by my self.

So after reading many tutorials on internet I got a big confusion on my mind. I know that I can use any OpenGL version avaliable with LWJGL, just typing the static class (GL11, GL15, GL20, etc). But can I mix all them with no problem??

I know that I want to use VAO e VBO to build vectors, instead of glVector3f, but this is avaliable only after GL32.

So to resume my question:

I can mix all OpenGL versions in the same program?? How I can know witch version to use or when? When to use VAO or glVector3f?....i'm very confused with this  ???

At least I can try to build my game only using GL11, but I think this is so deprecated  :-\

Thx for your attention.

Best regards,

Afonso Lage.


You can make your game using any static class.
I think (I'm not sure, I'm just a beginner) the different static classes are only here to show the new features of a version. You can still use any versions, as long as your GPU support it. My current GPU doesn't support above 2.1, for instance.

My code mixe a lot of different versions without any problems.


You can mix them all as long as the user does have support for it.
For example the users graphiccard does support OpenGL 2.1, then you may use everything up to GL21 and if supported specific vendor extensions. But you should check for their support first.

On the other side, when you have a really old card or limited support you may end up with GL11 only ;)