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Started by Mickelukas, July 31, 2011, 21:58:08

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A moment ago Alpha version 1.3 was brought online and the world was reset. Now is your chance to start on even ground.

The changes that were implemented during the restart was:

The transition between grass and sand is now smooth
The transition between grass and snow is now smooth, with on lower parts a thin layer of snow and higher up a thick layer
Day/night cycle - The sun is going up between 06.00 and 07.00, it goes down between 21.00 and 22.00
Management research - When starting the company you can build a max of 10 buildings (farms or bus stations). Each level you research will allow you to build 10 more buildings up to a max of 100 buildings. The first upgrade is 1 point and the second one 2 points, seeing as you start with 5 points you can still expand aggressively if that's your style. It is not yet possible to see how many buildings you have built as I've no idea where to put it :)
Added a vehicle profit text to the station/farm/warehouse windows so you can see how much the vehicles using the station is making

A city can not get more than 10 warehouses. In the future the warehouses can be upgraded to support bigger cities
Cities now needs to be have more people in them to get several of the bigger houses
Reputation takes longer to build up and is easier to loose
Lowered small station maintenance cost
Halved maintenance increase for upgrading vehicles
Halved maintenance increase per field when upgrading farms
Removed the penalty for having upgraded buses drive short distances
Lowered the city growth from food somewhat to balance out that you can have several farms
There is now a minimum price a city pays for food (it could go negative before in some extreme situations)
The max price a city pays for food (except for research) is now 9 instead of 10
The price when the city is well fed drops quicker
Farms are now 5*5 squares big instead of 5*4 to prepare for rotating the farm
The extra fields research now goes to lvl 16 instead of 11
Food filling research now increases filling with 10% instead of 8%

Fixed several bugs regarding shaders on ATI/Intel graphics cards
Fixed an issue where the shaders weren't applied on Intel cards
The cost for altering land did not always cost the same on the client and server
Fixed a bug where water wasn't displayed correctly on some graphics cards
Fixed a bug where city (ware)houses could be placed without a road
Sorting on cost in the station list gave the wrong order if you had some upgraded stations and some not upgraded

For a full list of recent changes, drop in at

Happy playing! :)



Verry nice game, like it alot!


Thank you! I'm currently busy with a huge update but it's taking quite long to program when I know exactly what to do as it gets quite boring without a challenge. I'll post here when the update is live and the game is reset.

Kind regards,


I just updated the game to 1.4 and reset the world if anyone wants to compete on an equal basis. I've made a short youtube movie of how the updates work for whoever is interested:

It's running a recent nightly of LWJGL if anyone wants to test any recent updates in a "real" environment.