JBullet and LWJGL

Started by abcdef, July 04, 2012, 13:19:13

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Just wondering if people are using JBullet with LWJGL and if there are any tutorials to give new JBullet people an idea of how to start up.

I had a quick scout on google and couldn't see much (there seemed to be some youtube video's but I can't check them at the moment (at work))

I'd specifically like to use it for collission detection

Any help would be great, if not I'll try and dive in by looking at the c++ tutorials





Thanks for the tutorial link but the demo was primarily JBox2D and LWJGL. I think I'll check out some of the c++ demo's and adapt. I'll post a sample bit of code if I get it working


Do you just want to use it for collision detection? Using a full-fledged physics library might be overkill if that's the case.


To start with yes but I'd like to use it more and more in the future, I thought I would start easy with just basic collision and then do some simple jumping before moving on to some rigid body skeleton physics


Im using JBullet in my current game engine im building.

I have gravity, ridigbodies and ground working.
The engine currently has a test mode where spawning new models / bodies is allowed and playing with the physics on screen is accomplished.

If your still going down this path let me know.
(if your further than i am down the path of JBullet.. also let me know ;) )




I decided to change path and do collission's seperately out of JBullet, when getting a frustrum and view ray for culling and picking I will have essentially the right details to do intersections with collision objects. The animations I have are also pre calculate with the landscape so I won't have to calculate anything there

Good luck on your JBullet stuff though, I might still use it in the future