Remote offscreen rendering

Started by sasmaster, June 06, 2012, 05:06:23

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Hi All.Need a professional advice here. I need to develop OpenGL based app which would run on remote server (which comes with GPUs) in a windowless mode.The app is going to render some 3d stuff to FBOs and from there to textures in files.Do I face here some limitation from LWJGL side? Can I have an access to the context without opening window ? May be I need some manual way to create the context for such an app ?
Any input will be greatly appreciated . :)

Btw, I have read here about pbuffers.I see it is possible to create context when using them with no window needed.I am using FBOs with programmable pipeline.And I haven't found any info of setting context when using FBOs alone.Is it possible to get a context from fbuffer and and then discard it and use FBOs with that context bound ?

Thanks .