[BUG] Fullscreen issues with xinerama (Do not resize with NETWM fullscreen)

Started by andre-d, April 15, 2012, 00:57:35

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My "Display resolution" is twice the width of my monitor as I have two monitors.  NETWM full-screen full-screens in the selected window without an issue.  HOWEVER, because I am forced to select a display mode to full-screen..and the only display mode I have available is 3840x1080..this means that the full-screened window is forced into my second monitor rather than the screen which the window is currently in (not spanning the entire desktop as my window manager does not fullscreen like that). I am able to add "meta resolutions" to my X config (two 1920x1080 resolutions)(edit: Or maybe not at all even?), however, the nvidia control panel does not do this by default.  I would advise not resizing the window if NetWM full-screen is being used (this is normal practice as far as I know)..the window manager will re-size it to the expected resolution for you and people with extended desktops wont have unusual full-screening happening.  One of the good things about NetWM fullscreen is that you dont need to handle window manager tasks such as re-sizing, or picking a specific resolution.

edit: The other option would be to add fullscreen resolutions from xinerama, but as that is considerably more code..I would advise just not resizing the window with NetWM fullscreen

edit2: I should mention that even if I had the meta resolutions, this may cause issues with people in window managers and such where fullscreen is not always the full screen.

edit3: It appears in trunk it creates one massive netwm fullscreen (as it resizes to the size of both my monitors), still not the expected result of one the size of the current screen.