OpenGL 3.0+ tutorial for LWJGL?

Started by Cubic, November 05, 2011, 10:28:08

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I am trying to learn OpenGL "the right way" from the get go, and thus try to avoid deprecated functionality. I do however have troubles finding any LWJGL specific tutorials for later OpenGL versions, which makes using them quite frustrating for a quasi-beginner (I do have decent understanding of Java, and I believe I know enough about graphics programming to understand most GL concepts relatively painlessly, I am just new to using OpenGL with Java). I am probably going to write a wrapper for OpenGL 3+ anyways (if noone else did yet) cause I don't wanna cloud the namespace with depcrecated stuff, however finding the necessary GL version to import for each function is quite painful - and in general figuring out how to use later stuff like Buffers, because most Tutorials appear to be aimed at OpenGL 1.1 for some reason I can't quite grasp.

So yeah, in case the reason for this topic got lost in the text above - I am looking for decent OpenGL 3.0+ tutorials, specifically LWJGL ones. And I know this question has been asked before, but I didn't find an answer that would be what I was looking for yet.