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Started by dijumx, September 15, 2011, 07:52:11

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Can anybody suggest a good place to get an up to date openGL reference?

For example, in the lwjgl javadoc (org.lwjgl.opengl.gl11) there is this:

public static void glEnable(int cap)

however looking at this there isn't any reference to what "cap" means, or what values it can take, so something like

glEnable(int cap)voidEnables a specific flagGL_LIGHTING - enables lighting
GL_BLEND - enables blending
glDisable(int cap)voidDisables a specific flagGL_LIGHTING - disables lighting
GL_BLEND - diables blending

would be very useful, especially if it refers to all methods, and all of the Constants the methods can take.
It would also be useful if it existed for all versions of openGL, with cross references as to when the methods were introduced, when/if they were deprecated.
Another useful feature would be for the methods to be subsectioned, so methods for textures, for buffers, for colours, for general setup etc.

Can anybody point me in the way of such a reference? or can somebody take up the challenge and produce one for the wiki?


The OpenGL Reference Pages on are pretty good:

OpenGL 4.2
OpenGL 3.3
OpenGL 2.1

I mostly use the OpenGL Specification and the extension specs, found in the OpenGL Registry, here.