LWJGL SimpleSoundEngine

Started by amarzo, July 29, 2011, 12:14:55

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After having tested that all features which  LWJGL offers work like a charm on Win, Mac and Linux; I think that creating tools and even some games with it would be great.

For the SoundEngine I decided to extract and isolate the one from Slick library.  I only need music streaming from an Ogg and playing some samples. However I found that at least Sound&Music in the library is little bit messy and what is even worse, it does not deal with resource releasing at all.

Yesterday I “bake” SimpleSoundEngine (so for sure it is still buggy), a very simple and basic sound engine (somehow similar to CocosDenshion). It basically allows you to stream one OGG while playing some samples.


I think it would be easy to extend it (3D placement and all that stuff) or to change URLs instead of paths for file location. Synch would be needed if you plan to call it from multiple threads.

Here it is a binary version http://lwjgl-simplesoundengine.googlecode.com/files/SimpleSoundEngineBinary.zip in the source code there is a frame designed for testing it (a good place to learn how to use the engine), therefore you can download this, unzip, double click the jar, drop music and files and play around.

I know it is very tiny and trivial but for me it would have been handy to have something like this. As I am going to use it for my real projects I promise to keep it updated.


I'm working on a sound engine myself using Slick-Util; cool to see it from another perspective! Looks good. :)