How to set Display Canvas transparent?

Started by GeoMaster, September 30, 2011, 13:20:45

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I wonder how I can set the org.lwjgl.Display´s canvas transparent. I can only set a background color (RGB) or a background image for the main window. I´ve tried a couple of things to avoid lwjgl to clear the canvas and draw a complete background but I was not able to avert it.

Does a solution exist for my need?

Thank you


Window transparency is something the window manager does, and isn't something you can easily control from the application.  I don't think lwjgl directly supports transparent windows at all.


perhaps the directx (,14.0.html ) implementation of lwjgl would solve you're problem if your on windows :
JDK 7 also provides native window translucency, but opengl doesn t seem to. :-[

(EDIT : links)
(EDIT 2 : so far no news from a d3d rendering on lwjgl...)


As it stands LWJGL's native Display window doesn't support transparency. It is possible these days to create a transparent window pretty easily and draw OpenGL, especially with Aero, Compiz, etc around. Not sure how useful a feature it would be though and if it would be worth the effort. However anyone willing to give it a go should feel free to create a patch.


Right before your app displays a window, take a screenshot.  Then use it as you background  ;)
This would at least work for fullscreen apps...
cool story, bro