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[CLOSED] Multiple Displays on Multiple Windows or Canvas

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I'd like to see better support for multiple Displays.
So that you have a Window with multple Canvas.
For example Valves Hammer Editor, which has 4 Rendering Surfaces and a container with Displayed Textures.
Im currently making a Level Editor aswell and im having trouble with the fact that there can currently only be one Display.
Since LWJGL isnt used in Games only but also in other Applications id e a welcome feature.
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Re: Multiple Displays on Multiple Windows or Canvas
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Closing this RFE, the current plan is not to break/change the LWJGL 2.0 API and focus mainly on just bug fixes for it (therefore no multiple Display support for LWJGL 2.0).

Having said that work is already under way on LWJGL 3.0 which has a clean rewrite of the API and includes support for multiple windows (using OO).