Project Mythos RPG seeking help

Started by FMcK, June 26, 2011, 19:52:37

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Team name:

Project name:
Project Mythos

Brief description:
Project Mythos aims to create a survival horror rpg set in the 1920's after a catastrophic event has destroyed the modern world. Elements of crafting and building are key to survival. The environment is much like minecraft, Though, the gameplay is quite different. The game uses a procedural map generator and will contain random biomes with specific monsters and features.

Target aim:

A percentage of potential retail will be offered in exchange for your help.

We are using lwjgl as well as code from the open source project blockmania. We intend to use a illustrative rendering technique similar to many pixar movies or that of team fortress 2. We are also adding support for jBullet. The java port of the bullet physics library.

Talent needed:
We are seeking the following
Java Developers with experience in 3d programming, lwjgl knowledge a plus.
Texture artists

Team structure:
Fearghal McKenna: Planning and Concept art
Diego Carmeilo: Java Development

A website is coming soon.

Previous Work by Team:

Additional Info:
We have lot's of concept artwork completed. The planning stage is at a point where work can begin.
if you would like to see some of the basic ideas behind the game, please look here.