New Engine: JAMGames Engine.

Started by Wolftein, June 07, 2011, 17:42:04

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Hi!, i would like to show my new engine using lwjgl as backend for desktop application in facebook.

Here is the ugly demo :D
Direct Link:

* Press 0 to create more balls!.

- Support opengl es 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0
- LWJGL as backend for desktop application (Windows, Linux, Mac)
- Android supported.
- Full support of JBox2D library.
- Full support of NiftyGUI library.
- Packages for deploying games in facebook, android and myspace.
- Tools for creation of nifty ui and jbox2D objects.

Todo >> Next version:
- GPU support for jBox2D.


Don't you need to supply a download link? (For accessing the code, I mean.) Or is this not an open source/open development engine?

Other than that, nice work. Is that a physics system running, or simply some velocity/sphere collision code?

Additionally, does you engine support continuous input? I noticed that the controllable block only moved when I tapped the key; it didn't move for the duration of the press. Is that just based on your particular implementation?


Hi. it's not an open development engine, that's why i didn't suply a download link. The physics is running, it's an implementation of jbox2D with modifications and yes, it support continuous input. The engine didn't have a particular engine yet, those are simple actors (sprites).


Ah, I see.

Good luck with further development, then.


Directlink does not work =(
It says i have to java nor javaplugin installed. Weird.