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[CLOSED] Linux - Keyboard "special" keys not handled correctly !

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Running the KeyboardTest, I've noticed the  numbers keys (not the numpad ones) returns KEY_NONE.
Whereas it gives the correct code when pressing SHIFT.

Here is the output when I press '1' (got a AZERTY keyboard so the character is correct)
Code: [Select]
Checking key:NONE
Key character code: 0x26
Key character: &
Repeat event: false

And when I press 'SHIFT + 1'

Code: [Select]
Checking key:LSHIFT
Key character code: 0x0
Key character:
Repeat event: false

Checking key:1
Key character code: 0x31
Key character: 1
Repeat event: false

I don't have thoses strange behaviours under Windows

EDIT: It seems also that there is no repeated event for SHIFT, ALT and CTRL (with repeated event enabled of course)

PS: please forgive my bad english skills
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Re: [BUG] Linux - Keyboard "special" keys not handled correctly !
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2011, 11:55:31 »
likely this issue is fixed by this fix.

Please do try latest nightly builds of LWJGL to confirm.