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Incorperating Jmonkey code into a minecraft mod

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Incorperating Jmonkey code into a minecraft mod
« on: March 22, 2011, 14:29:12 »

So ive been discovering LWJGL over the past week specifically because i want to make a mod for Minecraft. Due to multiple reasons including obfuscation aswell as very limiting capabilities of the minecraft engine i want to add adtional functionality.
One of the things ive been looking into is whether theres a way i can incorperate skeletal animation into minecraft. ive read that Jmonkey engine has skeletal animation capabilities and is based on LWJGL.

So my question is, would it be possible to incorporate parts of the Jmonkey source into a mod that would allow for skeletal animations to work in minecraft?

second question is, what obstacles would i run into when trying to add these new functionalities to the Minecraft game engine? would i just have to use the game open GL renderer and the rest could be created apart from using already existing classes and subclasses? or would i have to end up re-writing a large amount of the minecraft source to accommodate these features(which i wouldnt do)?

First post. this forum looks awesome ive been looking for a place to consult with my Java game developing issues aswell as be active and help when i can.


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Re: Incorperating Jmonkey code into a minecraft mod
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2011, 19:41:29 »
To be able to make the skeletal animation from jMonkeyEngine work with the Minecraft engine would require some mad hacking skills and knowledge of the internals of the Minecraft engine, so I'd say no, its not possible in its current state.

The Minecraft code is obfuscated, meaning the author doesn't want people messing with it or modifying it directly.

To allow such extensive changes to the actual Minecraft engine would require either for Notch to release the source code or open up the Minecraft engine API alot more then it is now.

There are however modding capabilities that Minecraft does provide but if you want more (like the above) then you should request the authors to allow such things.

You should also check out the javagaming.org forums for even more java game developers.
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