Trying to use GL_SECONDARY_COLOR array

Started by ste3e, February 05, 2011, 21:49:33

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I want to hand bi-tangents into the vertex shader using the GL_SECONDARY_COLOR array but LWJGL does not seem to support GL11.glEnableClientState(GL11.GL_SECONDARY_COLOR_ARRAY), is it hidden somewhere or just not supported?

I have also looked into using some of the unused GL_TEXTURE_COORD_ARRAY arrays, but can find no info on how to isolate particular arrays, for example, I could hand the tangent and bi-tangent into the shader using glTexCoord6 & 7 but I cannot find code demonstrating how they could be enabled and initialized; that is, no code other than the GL13.glMultitexCoord3f(texCoordArray, float, float, float) when a GL13.glMultiTexCoord(texCoordArray, FloatBuffer) is required for performance if nothing else.

Can anyone help. Thanks.