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The revenge of the curse of the galactic empire (with gameplay videos)

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This is my first finished project! It is written in Java using slick and lwjgl. It works as an applet, so You can play it in Your browser on windows/linux/macos/solaris withouth any issues (hopefully..).
The game features an online leaderboard in which everyone can participate without any costs(You just need to register to do so).
After meeting certain criteria You can unlock hidden weapons and modes (You get the first one after killing 5 of the colorful "snakes"). I tried to make all weapons equal in their value, so, although each one works completely different, there are uses for all of them (for instance some are better in the early game, some in the late game).
You can find info about the game (video, or just play the game) on my website http://www.hugeowl.com. I would be grateful for any feedback, be it positive or negative:).

gameplay videos:
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++ I like!

-- audio settings would be nice.
-- background graphics could use some rework ;)

this is nice ;)  but hard with touchpad :(
cool story, bro