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Started by robinsonc494, December 14, 2010, 02:16:36

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Hi everyone.
I'm thinking of creating a little 3D library to simulate some functionalities of JComponents
such as buttons,frames and labels etc. The idea is to have a 3D "frame" and be able to add 3D looking components similar to how you would
using swing and/or awt.

At present i've tried with Java 3D and had an okay experience with a test button but its still early days and I'm trying to explore my options to get what feels like the best.
I'm looking into using either LWJGL or JOGL but I don't want to invest time into learning to use either one and then having to switch to the other.

My question then to those familiar with the library. Do you believe this is something that I can accomplish fairly easily with this lib?

If so, how would you suggest I approach this and where would you recommend I start to get familiar with the API?
If not, any reasons?

Thanks in advance and any help/pointers are much appreciated.


yup you can achieve something like that pretty easily, if you know OpenGL.

Have a look at the TWL GUI Library http://twl.l33tlabs.org/ for an example of a solid gui using LWJGL.

The getting started section on the wiki is generally a good place to start and the single class demo's on the demo page. The rest is just pretty much plain OpenGL where you can use any OpenGL tutorial on the web.


thank you for the response... TWL looks like a good starting point for me. Just downloaded the source and peeked around and it looks good, I'll have a look around the wiki and at the demos as well.
thanks :-)