Found tutorials, are they THE BEST resource I have to learn?

Started by shadowprotocol, November 29, 2010, 02:38:01

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Hi everyone, so I have installed LWJGL and I'm ready to get crackin. I found out that the old, (crappy) tutorials on NeHe have been ported to LWJGL, so I downloaded them to start reading. Then I found this site,, which has update versions of those tutorials, has clearer syntax and better commenting, so I figured this was my best option for learning LWJGL.

My other alternative is reading the LWJGL docs, but those just show modules and methods, with no order of recommended reading, so no thank you.

Do you think I found the best resource for learning LWJGL, or is there an even BETTER site?



Just a heads up, those tutorials are using LWJGL v1.1.4 and DevIL (no longer supported in LWJGL; Slick-Util now suggested).  The tutorials are still good for learning OpenGL -- as is most OpenGL C++ and/or Java code really -- but are inadequate for learning the latest LWJGL release.

Here are some good resources:

Also, searching the forums and asking questions here should prove to be helpful.
cool story, bro