What IDE do you use?

Started by BR, October 02, 2010, 20:28:59

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I'm just starting off with java game development and I'm wondering what IDE do you guys use.  I have tried out Netbeans and JBuilder and I'm not really a big fan of either one.  I do like Code::Blocks ide but that will probably be a lot more work to compile the code. 




I use Eclipse... only because it's what I already know.


Well I tried out both the suggested IDEs and so far I like IntelliJ more since it seems to be faster than eclipse.

Thanks guys.


Yeah eclipse is pretty slow starting up...
I use eclipse for java coding... I haven't been able to get eclipse hooked up to a compiler for c++ stuff tho - thats a little disappointing. For the most part its arbitrary and I don't rly care :{|






Though Eclipse likes to slow down, i still prefer it over netbeans.


NetBeans :P  I was using a lot of PHP in college, and at the time, NetBeans provided better support for PHP (code completion, etc.) over Eclipse, and I'm too used to the IDE now haha.  I use it for Java, PHP, and C++ (rarely, still not that great for C++ IMO).  At the end of the day, doesn't really matter.  JBuilder was promising back in 2005-2006, until it became commercial.  I'm not going to pay for basically an enhanced text editor.

Never heard of IntelliJ until this post.  I'd try it sometime, but don't feel like installing another big IDE on my comp.
From the IntelliJ site: "The Most Intelligent Java IDE"
Does it use Artificial Neural Networks?  Will it talk to me?   :o
cool story, bro


gedit + some command line tools


Quote from: Krux on November 01, 2010, 19:29:14
gedit + some command line tools
Nice. I use Notepad++ & use a couple of BAT files for compilation. Simple is sometimes better :)