LWJGL downtime

Started by Matzon, September 07, 2010, 21:58:29

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As you may have noticed, lwjgl.org (and .com) has been down for a while.

We have been on a shared dedicated machine (puppygames) which suffered a hard disk crash.
Once we got the disk back up, we were aware that stuff was missing, including the actual site and wiki.
Fortunately, the forum was still there (we had other backups, but they were older).

Since we were about tho setup everything up again, we decided to switch to a new shared hosting setup.
Things seem to be run smoothly for now, but there are still some issues to fix.

* site back up, missing entries in the projects page.
* forum back up, posts after august 26th have been lost. attachements gone.
* wiki gone, will get it up again, need to decide on wiki software. fixed! Using mediawiki, starting from scratch. Open to all.
* eclipse update site. LOST.

There are still some minor issues behind the scenes (like backup ;)).

Please let us know if you are aware of any issues.



Thanx alot for your effort =)