Porting LWJGL to Pandora device

Started by Bonbon, August 26, 2010, 07:15:44

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I will try to make a port of LWJGL to Pandora. This is an ARM device under Linux that support OpenGL ES 2.0. I know that it will not be compatible with OpenGL and I will surely end up to do an LWJGL ES edition. But my aim is to do something as close as possible to LWGL to have a minimum to do in game engine to support both.

So what I think that I have to do :
- create the developement environnement: Done (VirtualBox with Ubuntu 10.04. Ant. OpenJDK. Libs. Crossplatform compiler)
- port jinput : Done (Still some work to do for a nice ANT script)
- compile LWJGL 2.5 to ARM without any modification : Allmost done (I still have some problem with the headers)
- port OpenAL part : It should not be difficult, I don't think it needs any modification
- add OpenGL ES support (There is the tricky part) :
  * Port display : I don't think it need any modification (it is standard X11 code ?)
  * Port context : it seems the main part to have OpenGL ES working (I have no idea how it work in LWJGL right now)
  * Create generator for OpenGL ES extensions : I take a quick look in sources and I didn't see source for generators
  * Something more ?

It seems that it will take me quite some time only to understand how the overall works (unless I'm lucky  :P). But it is something interesting to do  ;D


wrt es support, I would assume its just a matter of adding the methods to the template - and fix any header issues.
the fast route with contexts, would probably be to rely on some (existing) native code to create the context and then use that.
else, you'll have to do some pandora specific code, I would assume.


Can you have a chat to Spasi before you do any more ;)

Cas :)