Please vote for jMonkeyEngine in Packt's Open Source Graphics Award

Started by erlend_sh, September 27, 2010, 14:55:32

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In this year's Open Source Awards, hosted by PacktPub, a new category called "Open Source Graphics Software" was added. jMonkeyEngine is the first ever strictly game oriented software to make it as a finalist in this contest. As you might know, jMonkeyEngine is powered by LWJGL ;)

This a great opportunity to promote Java as a fully capable 3D programming language for modern PC standards.

Got 5 seconds?

Got a couple more? Please help us spread the word any way you can.


Java s been the first language to publish games on mobile platform. Ther s nothing to be proven, but jav is somehow the alternative to ms v studio and objective c as delphi is to c+, isn it?
I d rather vote for lwjgl as the best open src api.  :D


Quote from: broumbroum on September 27, 2010, 21:18:17There is nothing to be proven (...)
For high-spec 3D games, I would argue there is. Tell someone you just made a great C++ game engine, and they'll go "cool, show me". Tell someone you just made the best Java game engine, and they'll go "hmmm.., convince me".

There's work to be done here  ;)