Free-form project now with JIGAXtended 4.3+

Started by broumbroum, August 16, 2010, 13:24:23

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JiGAXtended API's released the 4.3 version which includes new ant tasks to manage free-form projects using the JiXAkernel Applet and Frame app. Since JIGAXtended API features LWJGL, it is intended to simplify access to Game Applets that would like to use the LWJGL engine (alternatively to LWJGL proprietary's AppletLoader).

Original topic : FREE-FORM PROJECT NOW with JIGAXtended 4.3
Download at : files

A new WIKI's been published : WIKI


JIGAXtended  4.4.0 and JXAKernel 1.1.3 have been released.
changes logs :

customized JNLP's codebase from build.xml configuration files; new kernel splash screen for AntApplet (it actually displays into the browser, no more disturbing popup); direct Buffers replace arrays for ALL openGL calls; new GLFX class that performs GL rendering of visual effects in 1 or 2 passes for geometrical Shape's (currently testing);...