Testing LWJGL on windows

Started by GravityMaster24, October 12, 2010, 06:52:38

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Hey I know there are a lot of threads like this but I could not find one that related to my specific problem, so here goes

When I try to run the test I get this error : 

                                                         Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from

I get that whenever I input this command and hit enter:

java -cp .;res;jar\lwjgl.jar;jar\lwjgl_test.jar;jar\lwjgl_util.jar;jar\lwjgl_fmod3.jar;jar\lwjgl_devil.jar;jar\jinput.jar; -Djava.library.path=native\windows org.lwjgl.test.WindowCreationTest

I was just wondering what I need to change to make this work! I am new to all this, but have slowly been making progress. I have been looking for about a week to find an answer to my problem, so I apologize if this question has been posted before :) I appreciate any help any of you could give me :D

Fool Running

I assume you're trying this because you're following the installation guide at http://lwjgl.org/installation.php. When I copy the command you typed and try do the same thing, it works fine for me.

What version of Java are you using (java -version)? I'm using 1.6.0_18.
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