Where can i find FunkMath ?

Started by @lex, March 22, 2010, 15:15:38

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Hello all, I want to do a code for moving the camera. For moving left and right i find that:

strafe = FunkMath.crossProduct(FunkMath.subtract(target, origin), upVector);

But i don't know where i can have this librairies: org.jon.crs.util.FunkMath (where can i find FunkMath?)


For these simple functions, you might be faster to code them yourself (or google and copy-paste) than to find a specific library that implements this.
Of course this only holds if you can alter the code.
If you are free to do what you want, then I would suggest you use Java3D's vecmath library.


Thank you.
I search when i'll have the time :) .