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Applet silent (Ubuntu 64-bit)

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Applet silent (Ubuntu 64-bit)
« on: March 20, 2010, 03:48:55 »
Hello, I recently installed Ubuntu 64-bit OS, and now I am unable to hear any sound in any of my applets that use LWJGL OpenAL.  No error messages come up, and audio works fine in applications, just not in applets.

I have been struggling with 64-bit vs. 32-bit since I installed the OS, so my first thought is that perhaps this is a 64-bit issue.  Are there any known issues with OpenAL in applets on a 64-bit OS?  The graphics seem to be working fine.

The problem exists on both 32-bit and 64-bit Firefox running on this OS, and I have the latest version of Sun Java plug-in for each.  I am using the latest stable version of the LWJGL applet loader.  I don't currently have a simple example applet, but I'll write one to post here if that would be helpful.  I thought I would first see if there is a known problem or if it is something specific to me.

Re: Applet silent (Ubuntu 64-bit)
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2010, 09:43:09 »
For some reason the problem is magically gone now, and I am unable to replicate it.  Very strange.  I suspect there may have been some artifact created from the currently unstable Sun Java 64-bit browser plug-in, which may also have made it so OpenAL wouldn't play from the stable 32-bit browser plug-in either.  I've rebooted since I posted this thread, so maybe that fixed the problem.  At any rate, I'll be sure to only test my applets in the 32-bit browser until Sun gets their 64-bit plug-in to be more stable.