(Dualscreen) Second monitor gets disabled

Started by purestrain, December 09, 2009, 18:54:00

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i'm on ubuntu 64bit (ati hd2600) every lwjgl  application disables my 2nd screen; other opengl apps work just fine. Its independent of the used driver. Has someone ideas or can i do something to provide additional help?



So i do Fullscreen at work with lwjgl and have no problems (IIRC). But i do have some problems when i change the resolution with any fullscreen app.

Basically when using twin view you need the correct mode lines so that one monitor is not disabled. However i can test again at work on Monday and see if this is a newer problem. 
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To be more specific: i don't go fullscreen; but after closing the window the second screen goes blank. While the application/game is running everything is ok iirc.



I am having exactly the same problem (on a similar system):
as soon as I close the window and the application teminates my screens flicker for a second and then my second monitor deactives itself. I have to re-activate it in the gnome screen preferences.

Ubuntu 9.10 64bit, ATI HD4850


this was fixed recently (after the 2.3 release), use the nightly build of lwjgl (as it has the fix).

or wait for the lwjgl 2.4 release which should be out soon (in a few weeks).


great, I will give it a try tonight.

thans for the fast answere!