Performance Issues while rendering tiled map

Started by Nitram, November 20, 2009, 23:41:43

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Well there I was gone some time. I fixed the issue more or less.

After all the main problem were not the rendering, rather the access to the needed resource data. The informations where to render was object were not avaiable fast enough due some synchronization issues with other threads. How ever the method drawing with the pointers turned out the fastest method after all and is used now. But the main problem after all was that each object had a synchronized block in the code. Each object to render on its own and not one for all. The constant taking and giving up the lock on that object caused the main slowdown. The real hint on this I got by profiling the thread states during the client run.

So a rather simple problem... but you have to find it.

And yes, the project has a homepage: