Scale, Rotation, Translation

Started by Wolftein, September 03, 2009, 17:56:51

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Where i can find Tutorials about doing Scale,Rotation and translation with matrix, and no with opengl implementation (glScalef,glTranslatef,glRotatef), its better to use own matrix implementation for scale,rotation, etc or using opengl implementation it´s better?


That's quite a broad subject, and it's better to get yourself a book than using online tutorials IMHO. Are you familiar with the basics of Vector/Matrix algebra?

Oh and BTW, it might be better to use quaternions for rotations instead of matrices, they're usually faster to compute and require only four floats storage.
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Use an existing library. No need to code that yourself. Java3D has vecmath library that you can use. It can be downloaded from here: . There is also third party version of the api.