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Started by Rene, August 17, 2009, 13:39:10

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Hi all,

I'm quite a decent programmer, but only a novice in the 3D scene. Now I've come to the conclusion that when working with 3D graphics, you'll need to use Buffer objects a LOT. But I've never used them very much before, only to send and receive data from a card reader. Now that was pretty easy, but when using Buffers for VBO's etc, I would like to get a better understanding of them as I'm not very comfortable with them yet. Anyone knows a good explanation of java's Buffers somewhere on the net?

The most important things I would like to know is how to make practical use of them (like, is there a way to make the Buffer grow after creation), but also some more 3D related subjects like the most efficient way to pack your vertex data.

Now I know I sound lazy asking here for links, but when I  did some searching around I mostly found information about BufferedInputStreams and the like. Maybe I just suck at Google-ing :P

Anyone know a good source of information? Thanks in advance.
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