Looking for binaries of latest build

Started by psiegel, June 07, 2003, 03:42:53

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Hey Cas -

You mentioned on the javagaming forums that I could pop over to your forums to ask for a more recent build (post 0.6) of LWJGL.  So here I am.  Asking.  Um...  Can I get a build of the latest and greatest?

Oh, and as a quick aside, when are you guys going to change the name of this fine project?  LWJGL looks fine typed, but it really is quite a mouthful!



Oh I dunno if we're going to change it any time really soon... it has one really stunningly useful advantage in that it's totally unique in the webliverse, and when you Google for LWJGL, you get LWJGL....

The beta build will be up at 10pm BST (an hour or so), which will have the latest linux and win32 LWJGL dlls in. You'll need a registration code to play it which means you'll have to email me your name & address and agree to the beta testing terms which are something like:

1) Don't blab
2) Don't distribute
3) Don't keep

Of course you're all entitled to the full game but I'd like you to vape the betas after we're done with them.

Cas :)